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“NEW” Homes for your “OLD” Stuff


“NEW” Homes for your “OLD” Stuff

Staff at our C-Squared Home & Décor stores regularly get asked if we’ll buy their old items “because the kids don’t want it!” Sad…but true!

Gone are the days when couples register for fancy china or crystal, collect decorative plates or sit out collections of knick knacks. Most kids simply don’t want them.

BUT…there’s HOPE!!!! Our on-site antique guru, David Fett of Pickers Antiques Warehouse (who’s been in this business for over 25 years)…WILL buy your old stuff…well most of it!! But realize, while he’ll give you a fair price, it isn’t worth anywhere near what you think you’ve seen it for on ebay!! Experts report that “you’ll receive less than a quarter of the purchase price. Unless your furniture is mid-century modern, there’s a good chance YOU will have to pay someone to take it off your hands.”

Maybe the easiest way to think about it…you’ve had all of these good times & memories with your items and if you sell them (even for a lot less), know that they’re staying out of the landfill and going to a good home – to someone who will use them or repurpose them – and create more memories & good times!

Call us at C-Squared Home & Décor if you’d like to arrange to sell some of your stuff!

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