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Clip The Stitch


Clip The Stitch

Did you know that many fashion items are shipped to the stores/boutiques with “tack stitches”.? Check it out next time you buy a jacket, a coat, dress pants or a skirt. In order to keep the tailored shape of the garment while it’s being tussled around during transport, these stitches keep it in place. BUT…they should then be clipped once they arrive at the store or at the very least, when you get it home. There’s nothing worse (or more tacky) than seeing someone’s coat or skirt back slit still being closed. You’ll actually be able to move easier if you clip the stitch. Not to mention jackets & coats – you’ll be surprised to find that those faux pockets you thought you didn’t have – are actual pockets. Go ahead & “clip the stitch”!!

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