I have so many favorites that I love to share…check them out!

BOOT RESCUE… these individually-wrapped wipes are FANTASTIC for cleaning those nasty salt stains from your boots & shoes. They wipe off like a dream. Invented by a girl in Toronto (who I deal with directly) & are one of “Oprah’s Favorite Things”. Make great stocking stuffers. ONLY $10/pk.

How Cool?! These cooling towels are one of the greatest inventions ever! These towels are PERFECT for your athlete, constructions worker, golfer…anyone needing a bit of relief from the heat. Don’t require refrigeration…simply wet, put it where you need the cool & they last for 4 hours. Are reusable & come in a handy clip-on container. Available at all 4 stores. $10 each. Great stocking stuffers.

Hands Down one of our best sellers! We have a wide assortment of great patterns, designs & colors of fleece gloves. They have texting finger-tips & each has some sort of design or bling. ONLY $12/pr.

Bling-A-Ding-Ding! Faux leather wrap bracelets with bling, snap close & are super comfortable. Honestly, every-single one of our staff wears a color or two everyday…including myself. Can also be worn as a choker. A great addition to your holiday outfit or wear them everyday (like we do!!) Only $18/each.

You Don’t Need a Licence for these Plates! We LOVE collecting vintage licence plates from all over North America…and make them into custom signs for your man-cave, garage, kid’s room…anywhere quite frankly. 4 letters is only $23…and up from there (depending on the # of characters.) A popular gift for that hard-to-buy-for person! – A selection is available at each of our C-Squared Home & Décor stores…or order your special one.

Can’t See the Forest for the Trees! These are one of the coolest art pieces I’ve seen. Made from antique ceiling tiles, these tin trees are available in small, medium & larger sizes. And not just for Christmas because they have a “Roots” vibe to them. I sit mine out all year long. Assorted colors & “rustiness”. Available at both C-Squared Home & Décor locations. $20 range.